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(YGI)'s Youth Gospel Music & Dance Awards organized by Pillar Foundation.

The Youth Gospel Music & Dance Awards is a talent show mainly for young people in the Kingdom and outside the Kingdom of God. The regular institution do not know of the existence of these youngsters and do not know how to reach these young once and are often ignored.
Gospel is a kind of music that appeals to youth and is considered an effective means to reach young people.

There are about four juries present that this event to judge the candidates will. The event is a kind of competition show or better said ‘’ knockout’’. This event is coupled with WIBI information submits. The show ends with networking, music and food and drinks for a great atmosphere.

During the Youth Gospel Music & Dance Awards Show, in cooperation with various authorities, we focus on organizations in innovative ways to bridge the gap between mainstream institutions and the people furthest away from dealing with''above WIBI information submits( see WIBI meeting )topics "'.

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