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SportLets play

Pillar Foundation organizes sports activities under the theme: Let's Play

The reason for organizing these activities are: Joining a sports club is for some young people a barrier to exercise. Money and time constraints are important reasons for this. With advertising campaigns and information about youth sports are for those who are not Dutch speaking are not quite reached. And often it is not enough to give 'only' information about sports.
By showing that sport and exercise is issues of 'doing' or rather 'partaking' will encourage young people to actually work out.

Sports, is also a means to bringĀ  young people together. Pillar Foundation wants bring young people, regardless of their (social and ethnic) background, and encourage to move together. Through this event, the youth, will be more active to take a step to participate in the social and community work. Moreover by sporting will make thise young once be healthy. We always end this event with WIBI information submit.(see page wibi meeting)

Under you see individual and group activities that take place at this event:
Football, Table Tennis, Basketball, Checkers and Ludo (Ghanaian play with doubling cube is spelled), etc.

The activities are led by young athletes. Access to this event is free. The award ceremony location is usually on the same day in a hall where all the partakers gather to eat, drink and network. There are various agencies invited to give advice or also help with us with giving outĀ  medals and trophies the winners.

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