Welcome to Pillar Foundation

Pillar Foundation is an active young organization that defends the interests of young people. Under the name Pillar of Fire Youth (POFY) . We started in 2004 as an informal network of care. Pillar Foundation (PF) was established in 2007. In December 2008 (PF) was officially registered.

Pillar Foundation informs and enables young people (12-23 years) in the field of education, work and care and welfare. Wedoes this by WIBI’s (Well Informed Beter Insight): is an information and networking events thats brengs youth and care & welfare together. Many mainstream institutions and professional organizations working with and for young people succeed not or is not enough to reach their target. Pillar Foundation wants to build a bridge between the institutions / organizations and youth. PF does this because of the good trust with a large group of youths in Amsterdam Southeast.

We also organize leisure activities (eg. sports and music) or sometimes in combination with WIBI's on the above areas.

Providing a platform where young people can come into contact with each other and also with institutions / organizations that represent interests of young people in Amsterdam. The main advantage of this meeting is the exchanging of informations and experience.